To restore and establish God’s kingdom culture in:

  • You
  • Your family
  • The congregation
  • The community
  • The world

Our vision is to see the Kingdom of Heaven come to Earth in power and glory in and through the lives of mature sons and daughters of God. It is to see a family culture established in a church, community and city.

A family culture where Father God is the head of the household of faith and His presence is our first priority. We believe in a culture of the habitation of the Holy Spirit, where His love is rooted in the lives of His children. Our passion is to experience His love, grow in His Word and mature into sons and daughters of God that establish His Kingdom by reigning and ruling wherever we are, in love and power.


Our purpose is to connect people to Christ and equip them to live out His purpose and plan by a lifestyle expressing the life and character of Christ through Love, Honour, Integrity, Passion and Servitude.

We are a House that equips people for Kingdom life in their relationship with God, marriages, the raising of children, finances, life in the work place and serving the community and friendships.